About Nuts4Climbing

Nuts4Climbing was set up in 2006, initially introducing adults to the world of climbing. Since the success of these courses Nuts4Climbing has grown into the South East's leading outdoor climbing provider and runs courses for all ages. With numerous introductory courses running throughout the spring, summer and autumn you can come and learn the 'ropes' and the climbs with an experienced and qualified instructor.  We pride ourselves in offering high quality and inspirational experiences for adults and children alike.

Our main instructors are as follows:-

Sarah Cullen

Sarah Cullen first started climbing at fifteen, with her best friend, Rebekah Bibby. They borrowed a rope, and sling and a karabiner to get started at Harrison's Rocks. Rebekah had done a bit of climbing at school, so knew how to tie a knot around their waists, and how to set up a simple belay at the top of the rocks. Using a primitive method of belaying* by simply holding the rope around their waists, they were soon climbing some difficult routes. They met local climbers at The Rocks who showed them the way, and climbing soon became a way of life.

*Belaying means holding the rope for your climbing partner

Sarah leading  Millsom's Minion, E1 5b, Stanage.Since then Sarah, now with more than 23 years' experience, has climbed some steep grades all over the country, as well as many places in the rest of the world.  She still enjoys her annual trips to the south of France, especially now that her children can enjoy and appreciate these experiences too.

Climbing has enriched Sarah's life meeting a wide circle of friends, and she has even lucky enough to go climbing with Chris Bonington in the Lake District.

Over the years Sarah has become a qualified instructor in order to better pass on her passion for the sport to those keen to get started. Sarah has climbed The Old Man of Hoy. See below for photo's.


Painting of the Old Many of Hoy
This painting of the Old Man of Hoy is by Jim Curran
The Old Man of Hoy is a sandstone rock stack rising close to the sea about 450 feet high, and is considered to challenge the most experienced climbers. The first successful ascent was televised in 1966 and featured Sir Chris Bonington, along with Tom Patey and Rusty Baillie. Since then, The Old Man of Hoy has become famous around the world as a "must do" climb. Modern techniques and equipment, however, have made the challenge available to slightly less experienced climbers and it has now been conquered many times. As the Old Man of Hoy is susceptible to erosion and takes an annual battering from the winter elements, nobody knows how much longer it will stand before being claimed by the sea. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-11666366

'Adam' HVS 5a Shepherd's  Crag, Lake District.

Sarah is also a freelance instructor at outdoor centres involved in teaching children and adults in various activities including climbing, abseiling, ropes courses, orienteering, problem solving and canoeing. She has completed a Single Pitch Instructor Award, Mountain Leader Training, is a qualified Mountain Bike/Off Road Leader, as well as a qualified Life Guard !





Now a mother of two girls, Sarah is a keen runner and has completed three marathons. She loves to get muddy on her mountain bike when she is not instructing.

Sarah is an active member, on behalf of the British Mountaineering Council, in the management and upkeep of Harrison's Rocks, where she bases her courses. Great opportunities to have a second chance for those who missed out at school, her courses also provide a great team building day out for colleagues.



Mick Canning


Prefessional at all times, Mick is a highly respected asset to Nuts4Climbing.  He has a wealth of experience instructing all kinds of people and especially children and adults with special needs. Not only is he competent and excellent in his approach but he is our most patient 'dude'. In his spare time Mick travels all over the world and creates Indian paintings as well as other artwork !



Chris Tullis


Chris Tullis was climbing before he left the womb; there's not a lot he doesn't know about teaching climbing and he moves on rock like no other ! Chris links up with Nuts4Climbing for our away trips to the Peak District, Dartmoor, Portland, North Wales and Fontainebleau, and runs Evolution Indoor Climbing back home.



"Consider what you want to do in relation to what you are capable of doing. Climbing is, above all, a matter of integrity."
— Gaston Rébuffat

"The events of the past day have proven to me that I am wholly alive, and that no matter what transpires from here on in, I have truly lived."
— Anonymous climber